The story behind our brand

It all started from the birth of my preemie daughter

The premature birth of my own daughter in the summer of 2007, was the kind of life changing event that started my baby wear revolution. Who was designing clothes with hard seams and labels on the inside, itching and irritating baby’s thin, delicate skin? Why did the design not cater for fast growing babies by offering solutions that allowed the clothes to grow with the baby?

I set out to design a small, but beautiful, range with only the most essential items that would answer the everyday needs of newborns to 2.5-year-olds. My designs also take into consideration the special requirements of premature clothing, as tubes and wires can hamper dressing.”

– Nina Ignatius, Founder, CEO

Baby clothing brand philosophy

Your baby’s most developed sense, second only to smell, is touch.

If a seam is irritating or a label is scratching her delicate skin, she cannot let you know about it by telling you, nor can she turn herself to a better position. We use a hidden seam covered with our trademark BEIBAMBOO® logo ribbon.

We use only ÖkoTex 100- certified materials, which guarantees the absence of any toxins. The bamboo viscose comes from regulated farms in China, and the organic cotton from suppliers in India.

Our goal for the baby clothing line and designs

We strive to offer a timeless, season-less and gender neutral collection of baby essentials. Our designs have a long usage life, for instance the baby grow has a double row of poppers. We aim to minimize the number of seams and we place all our labels on the outside of the garment. You can attach a dummy to the size label on the front, or tie your baby’s name-tag onto it.

prematurely born preemie child

“I am proud that my premature clothing range is currently being used at neonatal wards in major Finnish hospitals. My love towards my own child inspires me to always do my best. My aim is always to put a child’s comfort first.”

Nina Ignatius, Founder, CEO

Winner, 2013 of “40 women over Forty”
as mentioned by Forbes.